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What is OKESTA?
The idea for Okesta came from two passions: design and fashion. As children, we all loved to doodle and draw, sometimes in the annoying textbooks where we weren’t supposed to. We would create fictional stories in our mind surrounding those drawings, and years later, we finally get to bring some of those designs to life.  
Why anime and streetwear?
All too often, anime apparel is either over-priced official merchandise or things that are not the most suitable for every occasion (you know what we’re talking about). We wanted to combine the style of anime with the modern aesthetics of streetwear to create something truly unique.  
How we got started
Everyone knows the story of when the hero’s one true love is killed and they go on an absolute rampage to stamp out evil in the world. For us at least, no one died and there will be no rampaging, but what we can say is that we once saw a stunning anime t-shirt, found the tag and saw that it was $80.
A long time ago
If Okesta had a training montage it would be equal parts designing, web development, and research over the course of two years. We obsess over quality and aesthetic, not catching onto trends, so that you can be proud of what you wear.
Our message to you
And that’s our story. We’re glad you found us, and we hope that you’ll take a look around and maybe even join us. There will be a lot of exciting new designs and projects coming soon in the future. So, all we want to say is thank you for being with us.
*Did you notice there was no filler arc?*
Just like not wasting time in anime, we don’t want to waste the precious resources of the planet we call home. From our RETURN & REFUND POLICY to developing biodegradable phone cases, we try to play our part, one step at a time.
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